Take care of health during play with colours

Take care of health during play with colours.

We can celebrate a safe and enjoyable Holi with a special arrangement before playing Holi. Any instructions for using chemicals containing colours on Holi should be given, but some people are completely negligent and use these harmful colours fiercely. In this case, protecting the side effects of these colours can be avoided. Here we are referring to some of the measures that you can enjoy as you enjoy the safe Holi by adopting those people.

Colour can be fatal

According to recent research conducted in an Ophthalmic Science Center in New Delhi, these days, there are fatal chemicals such as lead oxide, copper sulphate, mercury sulphite, etc. in the colours of the Holi. All these elements produce complexity by reaching the body through the skin, eyes or breath path. In the study, 13 patients were involved, who had been complaining about pain, burning sensation, prick etc. only after playing Holi. After diagnosis, all the patients were diagnosed with some of the diseases of which the skin was used mainly in the colours. Some particles of chemicals were found in the eyes, which could have been damaged until corneal was not removed immediately. The eyes of some of the 13 patients were cured within two weeks, but some patients took up to three months to recover.

Stay Hydrate

Playing colours in the sun starts reducing our skin moisture. At the same time, we do not drink water so there is a possibility of dehydration. In such a situation, drinking plenty of water is necessary.

Do not be ruddy skin

Before playing colour, care should not be kept in the skin. Having a rusty skin, chemicals in the colours are easily absorbed in the skin. In this way, massage the coconut, olive or mustard oil thoroughly on the body before playing the full colour. Sprinkle head and coconut oil on the head too. Apply sunscreen on the body so that tanning can be prevented. Use gel-based waterproof sunscreen, whose SPF is 26.

Keep with first aid kit

There are several times of injury while playing colours. In such a way, keep the first aid box with you. If any kind of cut, after leaving the blood, immediately put it under the water and put ice on it. Clean the injury with antibacterial lotion and if necessary, take a tetanus injection.

Lips such soft

Apply a thick layer of lip balm or apply butter or pomegranate juice. Both options are beneficial to avoid lips from toxic colours. It prevents the colour of the lips from filling in the cracks, as well as nourishes them.

First, take the Nailpaint

Do not make a dark coat of the Nailpaint to avoid colouring in the nail. This will not colour over the nail and later the nail paint can be removed from the remover.

Eyes to cover

Can wear glasses or sunglasses to protect from colours. If you put a lens then take out the lenses before playing the colour. If the colour disappears in the eyes, then immediately clean the eyes with cold and clean water and immediately after showing any kind of prick or irritation, show the doctor immediately.

There is less immunity in children so that they are easily caught in cold, cold, fever. Even during Holi, children are very sick. Ever since Rango's allergy, playing it in water for a long time. It is necessary to work on increasing the immunity of the children before playing Holi. For this, they can feed sapopladi powder in honey and feed them. Apart from this, mixing honey, ginger and cinnamon together also increases immunity, and the caliber of natural calcium also increases the strength. These measures are also protected from cold, cold and flu. It can be given to the children a few days before playing Holi and after a few days. Give the kids hot pickers such as nuts, almond milk, turmeric milk etc.

Stay away from these colours

You should stay away from these colours otherwise it will affect you and cause of harm to your body and skin.

Red colour

It contains spicy caffeine, which has to be related to skin cancer, mental disorder and venereal disease.

Green colour

There is a possibility of problems like allergies and blindness due to copper sulphate.

Bright colour

In such colours, the powder of lead is mixed, which can be caused by diseases like rashes, burning on the skin.

Purple colour

This colour, made of chromium iodide, can cause bronchial asthma or various types of allergies.

Silver colour

Aluminium bromide is used in this colour which is cancerous cancer.

Black colour

Due to Lead Oxide, the effect of this colour falls on the brain.

Remove colour with Natural means

You can remove Holi colour with natural methods that are mentioned below.

Put on skin

The lemon juice, curd or sandal paste can be applied directly to the skin. Colours can also be reddened by adding turmeric and gram flour. After leaving this coating for 10 minutes, it can be washed with water or raw milk too.

Rock salt

It helps remove toxins from the body. It can be combined with a natural oil like Olive, Rose or Lavender. Before removing the colour, swallow that part of the body and scrub it properly with rock salt and oil and wash it with water.

When Skin is dehydrated and sensitive

Playing colours we forget to drink water and keep on walking around for a long time. In such a situation, skin and water decrease drying. In this situation add one cup almond paste, one cup oatmeal, 4 spoon honey and one cup of cold milk and mix it with 4 spoon aloe vera gel and 4 spoons of mint paste. Put it on the skin and give it 10 minutes. Now wash it with direct water without scrubbing it.

After sunburn

When playing the Holi play, it is sunburn long enough to remain in the sun. To avoid this, make a mask by adding half a cup of paste, one teaspoon honey, one lemon juice, two tablespoon ghee and two teaspoons of sesame oil. While bathing put this mask on the skin and leave it for a while. After 10 minutes wash it well with water.

For skin nutrition

Half cup of almond oil, two fists rose petals, one kg boiled milk, 10 ml jasmine oil and half cup oatmeal. Dale in its lavish water tub and half an hour to Beth in it. After this take bath with clean water and moisturizer. Due to this, the skin gets lost due to the nutrition lost.

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